The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

4th June 2019

The Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

What are the benefits of meditation in the workplace?

Meditation facilitates a reaction within our bodies which is pretty much the polar opposite of the stress response. Instead of “fight or flight”, we begin to enjoy “rest and repair”, and can relax in a way which can be pretty hard to find in our modern society. Through this state of rest and repair, we can nourish calm and clarity – two things which make it far easier to work smarter, improve decision making capabilities and tackle difficult conversations.

Meditation is a powerful form of self-care, one which offers a deep and far-reaching sense of rest and gives us a (usually much-needed) break from the pressure of our modern lives. By helping us become aware of our own stress levels and providing us with the tools needed to take time out when they threaten to become overwhelming, meditation can become a vital part of tackling the stress which holds us back from achieving our full potential both in our personal lives and also at work.

Meditation sharpens our sense of clarity, which gives us the capacity to do something as simple as knowing when to say “no” in order to set healthy boundaries. When we meditate, we begin to see where our priorities should lie, feeling more able to take a little more time for ourselves. This is especially important in an environment that exerts a constant demand to remain busy and productive – even making us believe it is lazy or neglectful to require necessary down-time.

If we find our minds have become foggy with stress, our ability to perceive situations as they truly are is compromised – and even if we know that we would like our circumstances to change, we can lack the motivation and adaptability to make this happen. Through meditation (and the relaxation and contentment it promotes) we become far more able to not only consider change but implement it.

The practice of meditation creates many small, individual changes, and perhaps the most valuable to the world as a whole is an increase in kindness, empathy and understanding. When amplified across millions of people, these changes could have a huge impact on the way humanity operates as a whole. Why not begin an individual practice or within your office where the ripple effects will be seen and felt throughout the business and in your personal life.

Niamh Keane is an advisor to Hanning Recruitment Team, is a qualified Executive Coach and Meditation teacher and specialises in corporate wellness, running introductory talks to meditation, beginners courses and retreats. If would like to know more you can find out more by emailing