Testimonial Blog

23rd April 2018

Testimonial Blog

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we work in a much-maligned industry. We’ve also promised to change that, so it’s only natural that you might wonder how we’ve been getting on. Moreover, it’s only natural to wonder just how suited Hanning Recruitment is for you. If you’re looking for new jobs within the real estate industry you might even be sceptical of using a recruiter. Maybe you hold reservations as to how effective the whole industry even is. You’re not alone in that, but just listen to one of our candidates:

Before meeting Toby, I was very sceptical of using a recruiter to find a new role. However, after my first meeting with Toby it was clear that he understood my expectations and managed to match me to a suitable role swiftly. He was attentive throughout the process, always providing feedback and was a great sounding board for any queries I had along the way. I would and have recommended Toby to others seeking new employment opportunities.

It sounds obvious, but it’s something that gets swept under the rug fairly often: the recruitment industry exists purely because it works. People do, have, and will finds jobs because of recruiters. Yet we accept distrust remains and it’s not an entirely unfounded fear. But to solve a problem we first have to acknowledge it. There are recruiters out there who put their own needs before that of the candidate. I’m sure everyone knows someone with an absolute horror story about the first and last time they trusted a recruiter. Maybe that person was you. We can’t speak for the entire industry, we can only speak for ourselves; but our actions speak louder, and our candidates louder still:

Prior to contacting Hanning I tried three other recruitment agencies over the course of 3 months with no luck. After meeting Toby for the first time I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed knowing that my voice was being heard and my best interests was their priority. Within 3 weeks of the first meeting I was placed in my current role which I hugely enjoy within a company I hope to remain at for the foreseeable future.

Communicative and honest, Hanning’s professional manner and friendly approach from start to finish is why I will always recommend them to anyone for a new role in real estate industry.

There is no point in matching a candidate to a client when it’s clear neither will benefit. It’s not good for our candidates and not good for our clients. It’s not what our reputation is built on and it’s not why candidates recommend us. We want to change the recruitment industry not perpetuate it.

Hanning Recruitment are highly professional and placed a great candidate within our business development team. Toby quickly found a candidate with both a passion for prop-tech and enthusiasm to learn, which is exactly what we were looking for.

But maybe you’re not looking for a job, maybe you’re lucky enough to be on the other side of the equation, looking to hire. You’re needs will clearly differ from that of a prospective candidate, but not by much. As our candidates and the client above know, the best recruiter is still someone who listens. But to fully understand your needs, you first have to have experienced them first hand.

I worked with Toby for over three years. I am sure that his professionalism, excellent market contacts and work ethos will benefit the clients or candidates that use Hanning Recruitment. He has a genuine passion and knowledge of property. I would not hesitate to recommend Hanning Recruitment.
– Partner, Knight Frank

Our experience and expertise help us understand the needs of both clients and candidates, but the benefits extend far beyond that. We know from experience just how hard it is to fill some roles. Perhaps candidates need to fulfil certain complex criteria, or the role’s location makes it difficult to attract candidates, or a whole host of other issues that can complicate the filling of a post. If you are a client, currently grappling with these very same issues, you are not alone either:

Toby was given a challenging brief which he completed successfully though his obvious professionalism and excellent connections in the market. The chosen candidate exceeded our expectations in all aspects and we are delighted with the result achieved. I would not hesitate to use Toby again or to recommend him to any of my contemporaries looking for a first-class service.

How have we been doing? We’ll leave you to judge. But client or candidate, if you still have doubts, you’re more than welcome to put us to the test. Come in for a confidential one-on-one consultation or send your CV our way via our website.