You’ve Completed the APC. Now What?

4th November 2019

You’ve Completed the APC. Now What?

First and foremost, congratulations to you all. Completing what is arguably real estate’s most challenging and complex accreditation is no small feat. You’ve completed your rotations and hopefully you’re happy in whichever department you’ve landed. But if you’re not? Don’t worry.

As I am sure many can agree, graduate rotations can feel like a lottery. It’s a gamble. There are winners and there are losers. And for those who lose out the department you’re currently may be the field in which you specialise for potentially the rest of your working life. That thought alone can be quite daunting.

But what I believe most newly qualified Surveyors miss is the fact that it’s not only people who lose out on the rotation scheme. Departments lose out too – not for any fault of their own. Perhaps they’ve already got one new hire but a sudden influx of business has necessitated another. The requirement is there for another candidate with well-rounded industry experience. But where are they going to source them from?

Other teams and other departments certainly aren’t going to relinquish their newest recruits. The internal politics involved in taking on a member from another team can entirely dissuade management from doing so. More candidates can only come from elsewhere, which is why we see demand for newly quals being consistently high.

At this moment we have several roles contracted by great clients eager for new additions. To them which department you have ended up in simply doesn’t matter. If you have direct experience with the relevant department, perhaps whilst on a rotation, all the better. However, the skills and knowledge you have picked up along the way remain very much transferable.

The second you become chartered you are a jack of all trades and master of none. Which is how it should be. You’re at the start of your career. But in this following year you will specialise. As you do it only becomes harder to transition into a different role. But no matter what department you’ve long set your hopes on, being a member of RICS can facilitate that move. Even when my Director, Toby, moved into recruitment after six years in real estate, being MRICS helped. It reassured our clients that we understand the market and that when we recommend a candidate we know what we’re talking about.

If you’re newly qualified Surveyor but struggling to figure out what to do next, we are always happy to have a confidential chat. Whether it’s to run through possible alternatives, walk you through the fundamentals of how to ask for an internal move, or strategise how to get you from A to B in your career we can help. So don’t worry about the future once you’ve finished your APC. Simply enjoy being chartered in the first place.