It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

17th December 2019

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

For everyone that is, not just Boris fans.

Blue or red, in or out, wherever your vote fell Friday get prepped for Christmas; a festive hangover could be just the thing to unite the nation. As your firm’s Partners and Executives begin their seasonal migration down South for the winter (headed for warmer climates and secondary homes,) you may want to spare a thought for your own future during the dreary train ride home.

What is it that you want come 2020? Forget Christmas morning, professional fulfillment doesn’t come wrapped in a box. If one third of our lives is spent at work, how would you like to spend yours?

The jobs are out there if you want them, the Boris bounce saw to that. One client exchanged on £80,000,000 worth of kit on Friday alone, turned around to us and said they desperately needed an Asset Manager. Yesterday we were in for another last-minute meeting and more are scheduled throughout the week. Investment is certainly rising, asset managers are in demand, and as planning committees resume in the new year Development will inevitably rise from its haunches and start lumbering along.

If this year you decided to change jobs or start your search but just missed out as the year came to a close, January and February are already set up to be a particularly hectic start to the year. If in 2019 you realised you want that client-side move; or a smaller, more dynamic firm; or maybe even just a pay rise, now is the time to think over exactly what it is that you’d like.

The search for a new job is an often long and laborious process. It can take weeks, if not months, for the right role to come about and longer still for you to really learn how to nail every stage of an interview. Even at the end of it all, when you’ve been offered the job, there’s no guarantee that you’ll fully know whether this is what you want. People are innately more averse to a loss than a win. At that time, it is entirely common for people to get cold feet. You think over everything you love about your job and it can lead you to the wrong conclusion. We’ve seen candidates renege on an opportunity, only for them to realise 48 hours after rejecting the offer that it was actually what they wanted.

Taking some time to reflect now on what it is that you’d like in the new year will inevitably help in your job search, for obvious reasons. Your search will be more refined, you’ll be better able to explain your motivations for wanting to move in an interview, and you’ll negotiate more effectively knowing what is and what isn’t important to you. Reflection now will make you a better candidate in the new year. And when the news comes through that an offer is on the table, and last-minute anxieties raise their head, you’ll be certain that this next step is the one for you.