CV Success – Top Tips

20th September 2017

CV Success – Top Tips

CV Success – Top Tips

Remember, you only get one chance to impress – you don’t want them to stop reading, so make sure your CV is succinct and on-point.

1. Keep it simple
It’s said that the average person spends just 7 seconds reading a CV so include the important information upfront and make every moment count! They’ll be most interested in whether you can do the job, so ensure your current role is prominent and not hidden away beneath lengthy personal statements and your education!

2. Don’t make mistakes
First impressions are crucial, and if you’ve made a mistake in your CV then you’re immediately at a disadvantage. The difference between a candidate being called for interview, or ultimately hired, can hinge on something as small as a simple spelling error, so triple-check everything prior to hitting send.

3. Make it personal
Try to tailor your CV depending on the audience. Read the job description and specifically reference the skills and experience they’re looking for to show you’re the right person for the job. CVs aren’t ‘one-size-fits-all’ and tailoring content will help ensure you get the all-important interview.

4. Formatting
Nothing frustrates a recruiter or a client more than a CV that is not formatted properly. You may have included all the information, but sloppiness and poor presentation will cost you – spend a bit of time laying it out clearly and you’ll reap rewards.

5. Use examples
We regularly find candidates fail to include examples of their experience on their CV, even though this is crucial and precisely what clients and recruiters are looking for. Highlight projects you’ve worked on and targets you’ve met or exceeded, using key words that relate to the job description and clearly demonstrate that you have the right experience. At the end of the day, understanding what you’ve achieved professionally thus far will aid your future employment prospects.

6. Honesty
We all know that it’s always the best policy. If there are gaps in your CV, don’t try to cover them up. A recruiter or a client would rather you offered a clear explanation than you were hired under false pretences and failed to deliver. In the long-run, any dishonesty in your CV will be uncovered leaving you in a sticky (and utterly unnecessary) situation.

7. Stand out from the crowd
Hiring is not a tick-box exercise and clients like to see what sets you aside from the others. It might be this ‘x-factor’ that sparks their interest and sees you summoned for an interview.

Here at Hanning, you can rest assured that we spend a lot longer than 7 seconds reading a resumé (as long as it meets our high standards). And our team is always on hand to give you the very best assistance in writing that winning CV.