Going the Extra Mile - How to do it

2nd November 2018

Going the Extra Mile – How to do it

I get it.

You’re hunting for jobs, you’re a few months in, and already you’re close to despair. But you should know that it is natural to send out dozens upon dozens of applications; natural, but not helpful. Take it from a professional recruiter, the key thing to keep in mind when it comes to the application process is this: quantity will never beat quality. If you understand that, and take some small suggestions here and there, your strength as a candidate can improve immeasurably. Here are just a few to get you started:

1. Ask Someone Out for a Coffee

It’s obvious, I know. But here’s a question: have you ever done this? How about your friends, have they? It is increasingly easy to go through the majority of the application process without ever speaking to someone face to face, and that makes it a lot easier to dismiss you. Tying a living, breathing, human being to your application helps, it humanises you, which is a rarity in a jobs market that is becoming saturated with websites like LinkedIn.

There is one golden rule in recruitment: the candidate is unmanageable until they have met you. Meaning you as a recruiter do not know best how to handle them, how best to help them, until you and the candidate have both met. And whilst this rule is important to remember as a recruiter, there is an important implication here for the candidate: who you are as a person matters. If that weren’t the case CVs would be the beginning and end all of all applications. You have no idea what someone is like until you have met them, are they personable, can they communicate well, are they hard working, and more than that do you like them? Would you want to work with them? You can’t tell these things from a LinkedIn profile, and from a company’s point of view why would you risk wasting time interviewing someone who you don’t know if there is already someone out there who is equally, if not more, equipped to do the job, who you know you will get along with? Go for coffee and give them that someone.

2. Do your Research

Another staple of all job advice blogs and columns, and this one you’ve more than likely already done. Now take it to another level.
Who are they looking for? Yes, you’ve read through the job profile and tailored your CV to that end, but have you looked up current employees in the same position? Search them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, one search alone won’t necessarily give you the greatest of insights, so do multiple. Over time general themes or characteristics will start to peak through, giving you a critical insight not only into what the company looks for, but what kind of company culture you’re looking at. Other questions like: who are the company’s competitors, who are their professional contacts, and who will you be interviewed by? Company’s are made up of people, and people present themselves online. By understanding one you can better understand the other.

3. The 30: 60: 90 Day Plan

I’ll be honest here, you won’t ever be asked to have one of these prepared unless you’re in the final stages of a job interview, or you’ve just started your new job. But this isn’t for the company, this is for you. This is where your research comes into play. Committing what you plan to do in the first 30, 60, and 90 days of the job forces you to ask yourself some important questions: what the company’s expectations are, how best you can add value, what your priorities will be, and how you will measure your progress? If in the last stage of the application process your interviewer asks you to prepare one, you can tell them you have one ready – which will impress. And if your interviewer never does, then drop it into an interview. Show them that you’ve thought about, and are ready to commit to, the job that they are offering.

The jobs market is a hectic place, so be prepared. Craft a high-quality application, go that extra mile. And if you still feel like you need help, maybe you need a few more tips, then you are more than welcome to schedule a one-on-one confidential meeting with us here at Hanning Recruitment.